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Friday, 31 August 2007


The revisions are well under way, although I fear they'll take far longer than I anticipated. I'm having to change the whole concept of the last few chapters, making Simone pregnant far earlier in the story in order to up the tension. In the original version her discovery was very close to the end.

I find re-writes far more difficult than the original story - but editors know best! And in the end it always turns out a far stronger story. The trouble is I'm very anxious to begin my next book. I already have a storyline in my head and I've started a collage (something I never used to do). Then I'll run the plot through my editor before I begin writing - after this Australian one's out of the way.

When I first started writing in the 70's I never had rewrites. I'd finish a book one day and start another the next. They were the good old days. The stories have changed so much. They're definitely much stronger now, feisty heroines and far more successful and powerful heroes. How I love them! The heroes I mean. I fall in love with every single one of them. And I hope my readers do the same!