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Friday, 14 March 2008


I’ve just received copies of The Rich Man’s Reluctant Mistress in Italian. It was published there in January but I thought I’d share the sexy cover with you. The book’s set in the Caribbean and Lucinda is an interior decorator. Zane has flown her out there from England to put the finishing touches to his newly acquired property – but judging by the cover he has other things on his mind!

This morning I took a bag full of foreign editions to my local library – then when I got home there were three copies of this book waiting for me. And I’ve just checked my shelves and found that I already have a copy. If anyone knows any Italians who’d be interested…

But even better news – my editor has read the revised version of my Italian book starring Penny & Santo and is really happy with what I've done. So it’s all systems go. As soon as I have a title and publication date I’ll let you know.

For the next two weeks or so I’m going to be busy with more celebrations of our 50th so apologies now if I don’t blog very often. One thing I will be doing is updating the news page on my website - so do look out for that.

Monday, 10 March 2008


The party’s over – and a good time was had by all. I worried unnecessarily that everything would go according to plan. But the venue, the food, and the music (a ceilidh band – pronounced kaylee for anyone on the other side of the world who is not familiar with the word – were all perfect.) Ceilidh is Scottish and Irish dancing and we had so much fun doing it. We had ninety guests ranging from one year to eighty six years old – and they all got up and danced the night away. It was a truly memorable occasion.

On a different note, did you know that a Mills & Boon Jigsaw has been developed by Ravensburger Puzzles? It features 10 titles chosen from each of the 10 decades M&B have been publishing. Any jigsaw puzzle fan – and especially Mills & Boon reader/jigsaw puzzle fans - can buy it here

There is also a card range being launched by The Greetings Card Factory with wonderful retro book covers from past classics which have been given a humorous makeover.

So many exciting things are happening in this Centenary year including a UK-wide tour Exhibition, starting in Manchester in June. Also Literary Festivals in Oxford, Manchester, Stratford upon Avon and Lincoln. So do look out for those.

Thursday, 6 March 2008


If you’ve visited my website you’ll know that our 50th Wedding Anniversary is fast approaching – on Saturday to be exact. We’re throwing a huge party in a splendid venue and I can’t wait. I can’t actually believe that I’ve been married for fifty years. Where has the time gone? We’re busy at the moment with all the last minute arrangements, keeping our fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong.

On the writing front I’m still waiting to hear from my editor about my Italian book – and I’m crossing some other fingers that she won’t want any more revisions. Meanwhile in between party planning I’m thinking up a new plot. I have my hero but not my heroine yet. And I sort of know what’s going to happen to them but not how they meet up. As you can tell, a lot more thought needs to go into it yet.

Also don’t forget, my contest is still running. Just to remind you I need to know in which country is my September 2008 release THE BILLIONAIRE’S BLACKMAIL BARGAIN set? My clue was that it was in one of my December posts. It was December 30th to be exact and prior to that on November 4th. But perhaps it’s a bit cruel asking you to search back like that. So I’m giving you another clue. Simone and Cade are Down Under. Easy uh? Send in those emails for a copy of BEDDED AT HIS CONVENIENCE

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Empty Feeling

It’s a strange feeling when you send a book off. I feel empty. Happy yes, satisfied yes, but it’s as though part of me is missing. It’s been a big part of my life for four months and now that I’ve finally emailed the revisions to my editor I have no reason to sit at my desk each morning and immerse myself in Santo & Penny’s story. And that’s what I’m missing.

There are lot of things I could be doing, tidying my desk, cleaning the house, catching up on paperwork – but none of them are as enjoyable as writing. It takes me into another world – and for the Presents series that I write it takes me into a world of glamour. Of billionaires with their own private jets and beautiful houses in different parts of the world. My hero is usually a workaholic – he wouldn’t be a billionaire if he wasn’t a hard worker – but my heroine has rarely tasted such luxury. She might run her own business, or have a highly paid job, or she might be just an ordinary working girl. In the book I’ve just finished she’s a nanny. But no ordinary nanny. This is the first paragraph:

From the first moment Penny looked into Santo De Luca’s eyes she knew she was in trouble. They were the deepest, darkest brown she had ever seen, framed by long silky lashes, set beneath a pair of equally silky black brows. And they appeared to be looking into her soul, trying to find out what sort of a person she was before she had even spoken.

I think you can tell this is not going to be any ordinary nanny/employer relationship.

So for the next few days I’m going to feel sad that they’ve left me – except that I have other exciting things on the horizon – nothing to do with writing. If you’ve visited my website you might know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t – watch this space!