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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Mountain climbing

I’m still waiting to hear about my synopsis – doesn’t time go slowly when you’re waiting. My editor’s been in touch because I need a new contract but she hasn’t had time yet to read my ideas. And that’s all they are at this stage. I haven’t fleshed out the story. I suppose I should have been looking at it but there is always so much to catch up on when one book’s finished and the next is nothing more than an idea.

We’ve been laying down some turf , making life easier with less flower beds to weed. But we’ve also been out enjoying ourselves. One day we took the mountain railway to the top of Mount Snowdon in Wales. It was quite an adventure. It was a glorious sunny day and the views were breathtaking. We expected it to be cold but it was actually pleasantly warm – until the clouds descended. The drop in temperature was dramatic but it added another exciting dimension to the landscape. The only downside was that we hadn’t taken a camera.

On our way back down we descended into sunshine again. We really could not have picked a better day. Some people walked up, some took the railway up and walked down, and some even ran the whole way.

Friday, 19 September 2008


I’ve been waiting to tell you the good news – that my Greek book has been accepted. I guess the excitement never goes away when a book is finally approved. I’ve known for a week but I was waiting for a call from my editor with a title and publication date.

The title is THE SANTORINI MARRIAGE BARGAIN and it will be published here in the UK in July 2009.

So now to the next book. I’ve already sent in a brief synopsis but I have to play the waiting game again to see what my ed thinks about it.

Tonight we’re off to the theatre to see an Abba tribute band. We should all be tapping our feet and singing along…

Friday, 12 September 2008


Between books is usually the time to de-clutter my desk. Except that sometimes other things get in the way. Amongst other things I procrastinate a lot by reading lots of blogs and I came across one today that I hadn’t seen before – The Writing Playground – and I found a discussion on just this topic. It would appear that most writers have this same problem. Full of good intentions but something more enjoyable always gets in the way.

In this house we have one desk along the whole of one wall in what we call the study – which is in reality the third bedroom – and my DH and I share the working space. (He doesn’t actually use his computer while I am writing – for which I love him dearly) But you should see his half of the desk. It is always unbelievably neat and tidy, not a thing out of place. Whereas my half is cluttered with research notes, scrap paper, pens and pencils in different colours for different purposes. Bills that need to be paid but get put on one side for the more important job of writing. And so on and so on.

DH is tidy in every way possible – a throwback to his days in the forces I believe. His clothes are always hung up every night, his shoes tidied away. Everything is always put back in its proper place so that he knows where to find it the next time. It’s the same in the garage, in his car, in his garden shed. Need I go on?

I'd lvoe to know if anyone else has a husband like this?

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Revisions and Reviews

The revisions are finished and are now with my editor. Molly’s name has been changed to Rhianne and I feel happier with this. So all I have to do now is sit back and wait. I’m feeling quietly confident but you never know…

Meanwhile The Billionaire’s Blackmail Bargain is now on the bookshelves in the UK – or it should be! My local W.H.Smith still has the August books on their shelves. I was going to have a word with them – which I have done in the past as they’re always notoriously slow – but then I thought, if August is having a few extra days shelf life then perhaps the September releases will as well. So for the moment I’m saying nothing. I’ll simply keep my eye on them.

Julie B. from Cataromance has written a wonderful review about this book and I’m so thrilled that I’m copying it here:

Review: The Billionaire’s Blackmail Bargain by Margaret Mayo
Cade Dupont has never forgiven Simone Maxwell for cheating him out of his inheritance and he vowed to one day get revenge on the woman who had stolen his heart and then crushed it under her designer stiletto heel. And the day that he has been waiting for has finally arrived…

Simone Maxwell used to have the world at her feet: she was rich, beautiful, intelligent and the darling of the Australian social scene. But with her father gambling and drinking away what little money the family have left, her mother in a nursing home and the family business in ruins, Simone’s life is in constant chaos. However, Simone is no pushover and she’s determined to keep on fighting to ensure that the family business rises like a phoenix out of the ashes and triumphs once again. Unfortunately for Simone, nobody seems willing to take a chance on the business and invest some much needed capital into the family firm - until Cade Dupont comes back into her life with a shocking proposition which she is in no position to refuse: he’ll invest in the business only if she agrees to be his mistress!

Cade was Simone’s first love and the only man she’s ever allowed to get close to her. She’s never managed to forget the steamy summer they spent together - nor has she forgotten his devastating betrayal when he accused her of being the one who had swindled him out of his legacy. Time might have passed since the two met, but the flame of desire still sizzles between them and when Cade informs Simone that the only way she can save her company is by sleeping with him, she accepts, very much aware of the fact that she’s still attracted to this ruthless man who is holding her future in the palm of his hand!

In his bed, Simone realizes that she’s still passionately in love with Cade and the more time she spends with him, the more she realizes that the man she fell in love with years ago, still lurks beneath the arrogant, autocratic and sophisticated exterior. But can they ever have a relationship when they do not trust one another? Or will passion finally lead Cade to realize that the only man he can be happy, is by having Simone by his side as his wife?

Margaret Mayo is a terrific writer of romantic fiction who sprinkles her stories with red-hot passion, heart-tugging emotion, steamy erotic tension and dramatic sexual chemistry. In her latest release, The Billionaire’s Blackmail Bargain, she sweeps her readers off to the glamorous and exotic location of The Whitsundays, and makes them fall head over heels in love with her gorgeous Alpha hero, Cade, and her sassy, independent and feisty heroine, Simone.

A beguiling tale of business, power, pride and passion, The Billionaire’s Blackmail Bargain is another triumph for a wonderful novelist whose books never fail to entertain, enthrall and delight.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


My editor has got back to me regarding Molly & Zarek’s story and she says that Molly gave in too easily when Zarek suggested a marriage of convenience – so Molly’s returned home and begged me to change her story a little. While I’m at it I’m going to change her name. I’ve dithered so long over this one that I’m going to take the opportunity to finally change it. I feel that by refocussing, almost giving her a new persona, that it will help strengthen the story. I'd actually been working on an idea for a new book - but that's now being put to one side while I sort Molly & Zarek out.

Also - My July/August competition has now closed. If you remember I asked which location was your favourite. Interestingly Italy came out top. To my surprise almost everyone said Italy. My DH has picked a winner - and it is - Karen Davies.

Karen, many congratulations, and if you email me your address a copy of THE BILLIONAIRE'S BLACKMAIL BARGAIN will be in the post to you.