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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Foto Friday

I'm taking you to Wales again today. You've probably realised by now that it's one of my favourite places to visit - that's because it's only an hour's drive before we're across the border. Then another couple of hours and you're on the west coast. It has stunning countryside - and lots of sheep! I think the ones on the first photograph are heading for a confrontation, don't you? It's not uncommon to find sheep on the road - and they have priority! They're never in a hurry to move.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Have you ever been totally busy and then cannot think what you have done that has taken up all of your time? Well, the last few days have been like that for me. I've either been out dining with friends, giving a dinner party for another friend for her birthday, finishing off the curtains in the bedroom, or trying to find time to write. The bedroom's finished now and very nice it looks too. The first three chapters of my revised book have made their way to my editor, so it's fingers crossed while I wait to hear. I've finished a painting I've been working on for ages and prepared the background for another one which is to be a birthday present for a relative. So I'm finally feeling on top of things. The sun's shining as well today so that's a bonus. How has your last week been?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


My hero and heroine finally have names. My gorgeous hero is now known as Rafe. I just kept looking at him pinned up on my wall and one day he told me his name.

And my heroine (aka Keira Knightley) is no longer Eve. She is Holly. I have a beautiful photograph of her that I tore out of a magazine. I think it was taken at the recent awards because she has her hair short.

They look a perfect couple.

Monday, 21 March 2011


I spent all day yesterday shortening the new curtains for our bedroom. Correction! I shortened one pair. (There are two windows in the room). Thinking it would save time I'd bought ready-made curtains - in the past I've always made them myself. They weren't cheap, they had a designer label on them, but believe me they were not well made. The hems were wavy, and one curtain was over an inch longer than the other - which I didn't discover until I compared them after cutting the same amount off each and finding they weren't the same length.

I still have the other pair to do. And I don't plan to interrupt my writing time with sewing, so they might have to wait until next weekend. Except that they're still sitting on the dining room table - waiting!!! Looking at me!!! Telling me to get on with them!!!

I don't care. I'm in an Italian restaurant with my hero and heroine at the moment. It's far more enjoyable.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


I forgot to mention that the hardback covers are now blue also - matching the new-style paperbacks. Pink has gone.
My earliest hardbacks had loose covers but those disappeared in 1983 and the covers then matched the paperbacks which were all different colours.
Then in 1996 came the pink covers which have reigned ever since, though they did change the style slightly in 2008.
It's interesting to see the changes over the years.

Monday, 14 March 2011


I've had two deliveries of books this morning. My new book A NIGHT WITH CONSEQUENCES (May 2011 in the UK) - both the hardback and the paperback copies. Usually I get the hardback first so it's exciting to see them both together. They smell nice, they look nice, and they sure are going to look nice on my shelves.

In the other parcel was a Japanese edition of MARRIED AGAIN TO THE MILLIONAIRE. I'll put the cover up on Friday - it's very beautiful. I feel so sad that a beautiful cover has come at such a time when so much tragedy is happening over there.

Friday, 11 March 2011


I thought you might like to take a look at the inspiration for my latest hero. In the flesh his name is Matt Bomer, in my book his temporary name is Adam. I'm waiting for the right name to come along.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I'm being good, this week I've started using my treadmill again. I was feeling lethargic and heavy after the winter and eating all the wrong kinds of food. The weight I'd lost last year was creeping back on so I decided to do something about it. Even after only two days I'm feeling revitalised. And surely it must help my brain - get the creative juices flowing faster?

The treadmill is in my study so I'm keeping it plugged in ready for action, no excuse then. At the moment I'm doing ten minutes after my morning's writing session, and then ten again when I finish for the day. The plan is to increase it to fifteen minutes each time. A half hour of exercise per day for five days a week is our government's recommended exercise plan. I wonder if I'll ever manage half an hour all in one go?

How many of you have started exercising again after the winter? Or have you not been a couch potato like me?

Monday, 7 March 2011

Decorating and writing

We've finally finished decorating our bedroom. I'm not sure whether my DH was unhappyor not when I didn't like the first coat of paint he put on. It was so much paler than I had expected. But, bless him, he didn't complain and once I'd chosen another colour he brushed that on the walls and now I'm happy - except that it looks a bit pinker than I'd thought - but I daren't say anything more. And it's growing on me. We're back in the room and all I need now is new curtains - it's proving a bit tricky to find a coordinating colour. At least we have blinds, so there's no rush.

And as this blog's supposed to be about writing I have to tell you that I've started again on my latest book. It wasn't working out as I expected - but now I have a clearer idea where I'm going so it should all be plain sailing from now on. And I won't have the disruption of choosing paints and colours - only curtains!

Friday, 4 March 2011


I'm in the Isle of Wight today, which is a small island off the southern coast of England. It has beautiful scenery and charming cottages as you can see. These were taken in Shanklin which is the main town.
And the last small photo is of Osborne House which was the country retreat of Queen Victoria.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I'm looking forward to this morning as we're having a demonstration at our art group entitled Loose Painting in Acrylics. Now I am not a loose woman, never have been, so this will be interesting. My own personal style is very detailed and takes me ages to do in either water colours or acrylics. So who knows, I might be inspired to finally become a loose woman.