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Monday, 21 March 2011


I spent all day yesterday shortening the new curtains for our bedroom. Correction! I shortened one pair. (There are two windows in the room). Thinking it would save time I'd bought ready-made curtains - in the past I've always made them myself. They weren't cheap, they had a designer label on them, but believe me they were not well made. The hems were wavy, and one curtain was over an inch longer than the other - which I didn't discover until I compared them after cutting the same amount off each and finding they weren't the same length.

I still have the other pair to do. And I don't plan to interrupt my writing time with sewing, so they might have to wait until next weekend. Except that they're still sitting on the dining room table - waiting!!! Looking at me!!! Telling me to get on with them!!!

I don't care. I'm in an Italian restaurant with my hero and heroine at the moment. It's far more enjoyable.