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Monday, 7 March 2011

Decorating and writing

We've finally finished decorating our bedroom. I'm not sure whether my DH was unhappyor not when I didn't like the first coat of paint he put on. It was so much paler than I had expected. But, bless him, he didn't complain and once I'd chosen another colour he brushed that on the walls and now I'm happy - except that it looks a bit pinker than I'd thought - but I daren't say anything more. And it's growing on me. We're back in the room and all I need now is new curtains - it's proving a bit tricky to find a coordinating colour. At least we have blinds, so there's no rush.

And as this blog's supposed to be about writing I have to tell you that I've started again on my latest book. It wasn't working out as I expected - but now I have a clearer idea where I'm going so it should all be plain sailing from now on. And I won't have the disruption of choosing paints and colours - only curtains!