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Tuesday, 29 July 2008


We went down to the south coast this weekend to visit my son and daughter in law. And as we haven’t had much of a summer this year we couldn’t have picked a better time – the weather was scorchingly hot. We enjoyed a boat ride around Poole harbour – which is the second largest natural harbour in the world – and admired the yachts in their moorings. One of the biggest boat builders is situated there and I stood for long moments admiring their craft – imagining my hero owning one of them.

Actually in my book THE BILLIONAIRE’S BLACKMAIL BARGAIN, Cade is a boat builder and I did use this company’s website – amongst others – to get some ideas.

I was back at my desk today working on my final chapter – which always holds mixed blessings. Relief that I’ve almost finished, but something of a headache as well because I need to make sure that I have tied up all the ends. I already have a list of amendments – things that have occurred to me as the story progressed but I didn’t wish to lose my momentum by going back and adding them. This is somewhat unusual for me because I usually try to correct as I go along. It will be interesting to see how it works out.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Digital books

I was excited to receive an email from DailyLit over the weekend – a digital publisher who emails entire books in short daily instalments - telling me that they are featuring my following three books in their list:

Bedded at his Convenience
Her Husband’s Christmas Bargain
The Rich Man’s Reluctant Mistress

These are part of a growing romance collection that DailyLit hope will help give lovers of romance a place to connect on the web. Even if you’re not into romance it’s worth taking a look at their website as they publish in many different genres.

They also let you read the first two instalments for free – so why not take a look?

Friday, 18 July 2008

Cataromance interview

I’ve been interviewed by Cataromance so why don’t you pop over and find out how I actually became a writer and what my working day is like?

Three pieces of good news today. My lounge is back in order. Zarek and Molly have finally made it into bed. And I have my car back. Guess which one I’m most excited about? Zarek and Molly? Wrong! Getting my car back.

It was on May 28th that someone ran into the back of me and I’ve been waiting all this time to have it repaired. The cost to my insurers was just over £3000 and the guy who caused the accident hasn’t even had the decency to answer any letters from them. Thank goodness it’s their problem and not mine.

Happy motoring!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

What's in a name

Poor Molly and Zarek have been stuck in a time warp between getting married and their first night as man and wife. They’ve been married three days (in my time) and haven’t yet reached the bedroom door. Yesterday we repapered the walls where the old fireplace and shelving was taken out, today my daughter and baby grandson are visiting, and tomorrow we’re having a new carpet fitted. I’m trying to sneak in an hour’s writing now. But it isn’t much time for Zarek to persuade Molly that she should share his bed. She thought she was doing him a favour by marrying him and wasn’t prepared for this part of the deal.

I’m still having problems as well with Molly’s name. Sometimes if a name doesn’t suit a character the right one will jump out at me while I’m writing. It hasn’t this time which would suggest it’s the right name, yet I still have the feeling it’s too old fashioned. Maybe because I went to school with a girl named Molly and that was more years ago than I care to remember.

Does anyone have any thoughts whether Molly would suit a modern miss?

Friday, 11 July 2008


The WIP is coming along nicely. I’ve reached 35,000 words and Molly and Zarek are getting closer and closer together. I’ll be writing the wedding scene today.

That’s if I can write with the noise going on in the other room. We’re having a new fireplace fitted, one that goes partly into the wall, so there’s a lot of knocking out of bricks going on. Our old fireplace, with a brick surround that wrapped around three walls, dated back to the 60’s, so it will be nice to be modern once more.

Briefly, the reason for the fireplace (not discounting the fact that we’ve never liked it, it was one we inherited when we moved in) was that we needed a new central heating/hot water boiler which has been installed in the loft. The old fire had the boiler at the back so that had to come out. Hence the fireplace, hence a new carpet because there’s now a gap all the way around the wall, hence a new shower because our other one didn’t work with the replacement boiler. Talk about one thing leading to another…

Let’s talk about pleasanter things – like a review I’ve had for THE RICH MAN’S RELUCTANT MISTRESS which is out in the US now.

Margaret Mayo’s many readers will devour in a single sitting The Rich Man’s Reluctant Mistress, a powerful tale of passion, emotion and romance that will leave them breathless! Fast-paced, intriguing, intense and riveting from start to finish, The Rich Man’s Reluctant Mistress is the latest in a long line of spellbinding contemporary romances by a terrific writer who gets better and better with every book!

You can read the full review here

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Latest book

I’ve just received the advance copies of my September release The Billionaire’s Blackmail Bargain. It’s always a thrill to see the words that I have laboured over for a good part of three months actually in print, and I have a set routine once I’ve opened the parcel.

First of all I need to smell the book, I love the smell of new books. There’s something exciting about it. Here inside these pages is a story. Mmm, another sniff. Yes, a story I want to read and savour.

Then I study the cover wondering whether the embracing couple truly reflect my characters. In this instance, yes, I think they do. Auburn haired heroine, dark haired hero. He might look a little younger than I imagined, but he has a gorgeous naked torso which more than makes up!

Then I read the blurb on the back and this is what it says in this instance:

The arrogant billionaire and his convenient mistress

Simone Maxwell will do anything to save her family’s business; it’s her pride and her passion. But she certainly doesn’t expect her lifeline to be Cade Dupont, the man who broke her heart years ago…

Billionaire Cade knows Simone is in a vulnerable position – which is exactly where he wants her. She owes him big-time, and here is the perfect opportunity to settle his dues in the sweetest way possible…with Simone in his bed and at his command!

Read more here

Finally I’ll read the first page to check that I’ve made it tantalising enough for the reader to want to find out what’s going to happen. It’s a bit late if I haven’t achieved that objective, but it’s something I always automatically do. I think first pages are the most important part of the book. It’s the defining moment whether a reader purchases it or not.

The next event for me in this book’s life is to see it on the shelves of my local bookstore. What a proud feeling that is.

Thursday, 3 July 2008


Hardly any writing done this week, but I would like to share this.

A new block of apartments has gone up at the end of the road where a friend of mine lives, called Vivaldi Court. At first I couldn’t think why they should have named it after a famous composer, but then I realised that my friend lives in Spring Lane, other streets nearby are Autumn Close, Winter Road and Summer Avenue. The pub that was on the site before the housing development was called Four Seasons.

Clever thinking.

It particularly appealed to me because, as I’ve mentioned before, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is one of my favourites pieces of music, one I often play when I’m writing.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Half way

Half way through the book now. As usual I'm having a lot of interrupted days, nevertheless it's all going well. And today is grandson day so I doubt any writing will get done. I've had a bit of a makeover on my website as well, so do take a look.