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Friday, 11 July 2008


The WIP is coming along nicely. I’ve reached 35,000 words and Molly and Zarek are getting closer and closer together. I’ll be writing the wedding scene today.

That’s if I can write with the noise going on in the other room. We’re having a new fireplace fitted, one that goes partly into the wall, so there’s a lot of knocking out of bricks going on. Our old fireplace, with a brick surround that wrapped around three walls, dated back to the 60’s, so it will be nice to be modern once more.

Briefly, the reason for the fireplace (not discounting the fact that we’ve never liked it, it was one we inherited when we moved in) was that we needed a new central heating/hot water boiler which has been installed in the loft. The old fire had the boiler at the back so that had to come out. Hence the fireplace, hence a new carpet because there’s now a gap all the way around the wall, hence a new shower because our other one didn’t work with the replacement boiler. Talk about one thing leading to another…

Let’s talk about pleasanter things – like a review I’ve had for THE RICH MAN’S RELUCTANT MISTRESS which is out in the US now.

Margaret Mayo’s many readers will devour in a single sitting The Rich Man’s Reluctant Mistress, a powerful tale of passion, emotion and romance that will leave them breathless! Fast-paced, intriguing, intense and riveting from start to finish, The Rich Man’s Reluctant Mistress is the latest in a long line of spellbinding contemporary romances by a terrific writer who gets better and better with every book!

You can read the full review here