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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I'm being good, this week I've started using my treadmill again. I was feeling lethargic and heavy after the winter and eating all the wrong kinds of food. The weight I'd lost last year was creeping back on so I decided to do something about it. Even after only two days I'm feeling revitalised. And surely it must help my brain - get the creative juices flowing faster?

The treadmill is in my study so I'm keeping it plugged in ready for action, no excuse then. At the moment I'm doing ten minutes after my morning's writing session, and then ten again when I finish for the day. The plan is to increase it to fifteen minutes each time. A half hour of exercise per day for five days a week is our government's recommended exercise plan. I wonder if I'll ever manage half an hour all in one go?

How many of you have started exercising again after the winter? Or have you not been a couch potato like me?