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Friday, 12 September 2008


Between books is usually the time to de-clutter my desk. Except that sometimes other things get in the way. Amongst other things I procrastinate a lot by reading lots of blogs and I came across one today that I hadn’t seen before – The Writing Playground – and I found a discussion on just this topic. It would appear that most writers have this same problem. Full of good intentions but something more enjoyable always gets in the way.

In this house we have one desk along the whole of one wall in what we call the study – which is in reality the third bedroom – and my DH and I share the working space. (He doesn’t actually use his computer while I am writing – for which I love him dearly) But you should see his half of the desk. It is always unbelievably neat and tidy, not a thing out of place. Whereas my half is cluttered with research notes, scrap paper, pens and pencils in different colours for different purposes. Bills that need to be paid but get put on one side for the more important job of writing. And so on and so on.

DH is tidy in every way possible – a throwback to his days in the forces I believe. His clothes are always hung up every night, his shoes tidied away. Everything is always put back in its proper place so that he knows where to find it the next time. It’s the same in the garage, in his car, in his garden shed. Need I go on?

I'd lvoe to know if anyone else has a husband like this?