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Monday, 10 March 2008


The party’s over – and a good time was had by all. I worried unnecessarily that everything would go according to plan. But the venue, the food, and the music (a ceilidh band – pronounced kaylee for anyone on the other side of the world who is not familiar with the word – were all perfect.) Ceilidh is Scottish and Irish dancing and we had so much fun doing it. We had ninety guests ranging from one year to eighty six years old – and they all got up and danced the night away. It was a truly memorable occasion.

On a different note, did you know that a Mills & Boon Jigsaw has been developed by Ravensburger Puzzles? It features 10 titles chosen from each of the 10 decades M&B have been publishing. Any jigsaw puzzle fan – and especially Mills & Boon reader/jigsaw puzzle fans - can buy it here

There is also a card range being launched by The Greetings Card Factory with wonderful retro book covers from past classics which have been given a humorous makeover.

So many exciting things are happening in this Centenary year including a UK-wide tour Exhibition, starting in Manchester in June. Also Literary Festivals in Oxford, Manchester, Stratford upon Avon and Lincoln. So do look out for those.