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Tuesday, 13 November 2007


This is Santo. My gorgeous hero. He's not always smiling. I have an amazing cutting from a newspaper where he's looking straight at the camera and looks most stern and forbidding. Exactly the look I want for my hero. I've discovered thousands of photos of this man (no prizes for guessing who he is) with a whole range of different expressions. (Actually, if you live the other side of the world you may not know him. So I'll tell you. It's Jose Mourinho. Ex England football manager. A controversial character by all accounts. Not that I follow football.)

So what can I tell you about Santo? He's a workaholic naturally. Runs a global advertising agency. Although he's Italian he lives in England. He likes fast cars and race horses. He's divorced with a five year old daughter. And if I tell you any more I'll give the story away.

Oh, yes, he's never short of a girlfriend. He enjoys playing the field, no strings attached. Until he meets Penny! And in Penny he's certainly met his match.