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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Spanish book

I now have the story for my new book sorted. Originally it was going nowhere, but having submitted the first four chapters and a synopsis to my editor, and having received her comments - (it looks like being a fantastic story – but!!!) - I am back to working on chapter one again. But I’m very hopeful and upbeat about it now so I thought I’d introduce you to my characters.

My hero – Vidal – who is absolutely gorgeous. I’m already in love with him. He’s a banker – but he’s not stiff and starchy – he’s human and sexy and I’m going to have great fun getting to know him better.

And this is Elena. Also a banker’s daughter but running her own wedding planner company.

The problem is her parents bank is in trouble and the only way out is with a merger – and marriage. Elena to Vidal.

Is she happy about it?
Is he happy about it?

I’ll leave you to guess.