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Thursday, 12 March 2009

First chapters

Phew! We’ve had our daughter and grandson staying with us for the last two days. Our grandson is eleven months old now and has totally worn us out. I can tell you I’m happy to be sitting back at my desk.

Prior to their visit I had just finished the first three chapters of my new book so today I’m going to read it through in printed form, add a further synopsis for the rest of the story and send it to my editor. Adam has remained Adam, but Eve is now Sienna. I rather like the name Sienna and it suits my heroine perfectly.

While Adam and Sienna are waiting patiently on my editor’s desk I shall do my VAT returns and I also need to start thinking about my annual accounts. Actually I don’t think I’ll get any further than thinking for the moment! It’s a necessary evil and one I hate. The sensible thing would be to start at the beginning of each tax year and enter items daily, or even monthly, instead of hiding them in an ever bulging folder. Perhaps next time…