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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

To tie or not to tie

How many ties is too many?

My DH bought a new tie on Saturday – chosen by our 13 year old grandson who was staying the weekend. ‘I really must throw out some of my ties,’ said DH as he was putting it away. So we had a clear out yesterday. We discovered that he had 44 ties. (He used to work in a men’s outfitters so always wore a tie for work) Out of those we binned 5 and sent 17 to charity. Which means he now has only 22 in his wardrobe!!!

The thing this is that he only wears a favourite few. I guess it’s like us women with handbags and shoes. We always go back to our favourites.

Does anyone else’s husband have a wardrobe full of ties? Or is he simply old-fashioned?