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Sunday, 28 October 2007

New book

I’ve been away for the last week (half term and took my grandson away) but now I’m back and I have the news I’ve been waiting for. My editor has read my plot and really likes it. She has a few reservations about the second half but I’ve been working on those and I’m ready to go. I’ve promised it her for the end of January, which sounds a long way away but I have so many things on this next week that I can’t see me starting it yet.

My hero is Santo (he’s Italian) and my heroine is Penny (she’s English) – unless I change their names – which sometimes happens. Sometimes when you’re writing you discover that the name doesn’t suit the character. I even find myself occasionally calling either my hero or heroine by a completely different name, and then I realise that that’s the name I should have given them in the first place.

Santo’s suddenly found himself in charge of a five year old daughter he never knew he’d got and Penny – you’ve guessed it – is going to be the child’s nanny. I’m planning an explosive start and can’t wait to get going.