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Sunday, 9 December 2007


Isn’t Christmas creeping up quickly? On reflection how can you creep quickly? But never mind, you know what I mean. Two more weeks and it will be here and I’m nowhere near ready. I’d much rather block it out of my mind and get on with writing Santo’s and Penny’s story – it’s much more interesting than shopping for presents or writing cards.
The fact that I’ve had to start my book again hasn’t put me off in the least. I know my characters so well that it’s almost writing itself. I’m three chapters in to it (14,100 words) – only 36,000 to go! Penny, if you recall, is Santo’s new nanny and already there is a strong physical attraction between them, which they’re both fighting against because of previous disastrous relationships.
When I first started writing in the 1970’s, when books were by no means as sexy as they are today, I used to send a copy of each of my books to an elderly aunt. She used to tell me that she’d enjoyed them very much, but… There was always a but and she’d look at me over the top of her glasses and I’d know exactly what she meant. The love scenes! Actually they were tame compared to today’s books. I think if she was still alive I’d never dare send her a copy now.
But I love the sizzling passion and the sensual tension. And clearly, judging by the number of women who buy them, they love it too.