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Thursday, 13 December 2007


I recently bought a new keyboard because the letters were rubbing off on my last one. They actually started to do it within a few months of buying it but the shop wouldn’t exchange, saying, well, they’re cheap to buy, get another one! Or words to that effect. So I bought a cheap from one from our local supermarket – trying to be thrifty – or maybe mean! The trouble with that one was that I had to hit the keys hard and since I’m a light-fingered typist, I kept missing letters out. So I now have an expensive, stainless steel, super duper, all singing keyboard. But guess what? The keys are so close together that I keep catching the ones above with my nails (and they’re not that long!) Consequently I get all sorts of odd letters appearing in my typescript.

What is it with keyboards? Has anyone else had any experiences like this?