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Monday, 27 April 2009

Slow going

Despite the promise I made to myself I didn’t get very much writing done last week. The weather was too nice and my DH and I went out most days. But now it’s turned to rain and is much cooler so I’m back at my desk. I’m having to read myself back into Sienna and Adam’s story and it’s like all Monday mornings – hard going.

We had a visitor one of the days while we were away. A visitor who took all the fish out of our pool which had only the week before been restocked. And the visitor was? A heron! The decoy heron didn’t do his job, neither did the electric fence we’ve had put around the pool. (You can tell we’ve lost fish before)

The fence is only a tiny low one with enough voltage to give a tingle, but it’s enough to scare away a heron if he touches it with his chest. The guy we employed to install the fence says he’s heard of two cases recently where a heron has landed right in the pool rather than trying to wade in or reaching down from the edge. They’re getting cunning!