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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Land of Ice and Fire

I was thinking last night about all the people who have been stranded because of Iceland's volcanic dust that is a threat to aircraft. My heart goes out to them. I should really hate to be stranded that long. I imagine it is testing everyone's patience. I also feel sorry for the people in Iceland who lvie near the volcano? How are they coping? There doesn't seem to be much said about them.

Actually I set a book in Iceland. It was my fourth one, published in 1976 (in hardback only) and was entitled Land of Ice and Fire. Here is the blurb:

Alex had always loved Iceland, and she was delighted to be going back to work as a courier for a travel firm. But the job, unfortunately, wasn't going at all well - in fact, it was a complete disaster!

Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, and every time it appeared to be her fault. It didn't help that Bjorn Einarsson, the head of the travel agency, hadn't wanted her in the first place - he had expected a man - and didn't trouble to conceal his low opinion of her. It helped still less that she had fallen in love with Bjorn at first sight...

My background research was through a lady I knew who had been on holiday to Iceland. I wonder if she's thinking of that now?