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Thursday, 1 May 2008


I had a scary experience yesterday. I had a puncture. Not scary? Maybe not, but the position I was in couldn't have been worse. I was on a fast dual carriageway and had just rounded an island which is slightly offset so vision of the road ahead isn't clear until you're on the straight.

The worst part was that I had my daughter and my new little grandson with me. We scrambled out of the car and walked several yards away. Fortunately there was a grass verge so we were able to stand well back from the road while we waited for the emergency services to come and change the wheel.

Cars were coming so fast that several times I thought my car was going to get smashed as the ones in the nearside lane edged their way out. In particular there was a single decker bus who almost ran straight into it. I think he was looking at us, wondering what we were doing standing there and didn't see the car until the last minute. I've always treasured my little car and have hated the thought of anything happening to it, but while I stood there I thought I don't care what happens so long as the three of us are all right.

And guess what - Oliver slept all the way through it!