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Thursday, 15 May 2008

What's in a name?

So far my heroine is still Molly. I’m actually getting quite attached to it. I remember many years ago when I couldn’t think of a suitable name for my heroine I temporarily called her Jane Brown. Funnily enough Jane Brown she remained – with one exception. Jane became Jayne, and Brown became Browne. Jayne Browne. Both sounding the same but looking so different on paper. It’s important, I think, for them to look right as well as sounding right.

I used to keep a list of names, jotting them down whenever I saw one I liked, I had different pages for different nationalities (the Olympic Games was good for discovering foreign names) but I’ve long since exhausted it. This was before the Internet made it easy to look names up. Now all I have to do is use Google.