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Friday, 9 May 2008

New beginnings

I can't believe it's taken me two weeks to write the first chapter of my new book. Usually the beginning virtually writes itself and I have no idea why this one has taken so long.
It's a Marriage of Convenience story and my hero is Greek and his name is Zarek. I'm posting a photo of him here but I have a whole batch of them stuck up on my pegboard in front of me as I write so it could be that I've spent my time drooling over him!!! I'll share one or two more with you as the book progresses.
My heroine's name is provisionally Molly. I christened her this in my synopsis thinking I'd come up with something different once I started the story but actually it's beginning to suit her. I did think of Freya. What does anyone else think of this name?
I actually went to school with a girl named Molly. My heroine looks nothing like her though. This Molly has rich auburn hair which hangs in curls and waves over her shoulders, and fantastic blue eyes. Zarek was smitten from the very beginning.
But Zarek and Molly? Or Zarek and Freya? I think I know which one will win. Just typing them out now it's startlingly obvious.