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Friday, 23 May 2008

First chapters

I’ve sent off the first three chapters of my Greek book for my editor to take a look at – under the working title of The Greek Tycoon’s Marriage Proposal. (I think I told you it’s going to be a marriage of convenience story.) I’ll work on the rest of the book while I’m waiting to hear what she thinks – and at this point I always cross my fingers in case she feels it’s not going in the right direction. I have some Greek research to do as well. I’m setting it in Santorini – so anyone who’s been there, any info would be welcome.

The schools break up today for their half term holiday and our grandson number one – baby Oliver’s cousin, who is twelve – is coming to stay with us, so we’re planning to do lots of things with him. Therefore no writing will get done, and probably no blogging either. Oliver is seven weeks old today – time has flown – and he’s grown! We have taken loads of photos but I won't bore you with them, as much as I'd like to.