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Friday, 24 October 2008

Brick wall

Two chapters in to my current book and I’ve hit a brick wall. Usually if this happens it’s much later in the story, so this is a worrying brick wall. I’m sharing this to give newer authors hope, so that when and if it happens don’t worry. It’s part of the game. It happens to all of us sometimes no matter how long we’ve been writing or how many books we have written.

My first impulse today is to forget the book and go and do something else. (Actually I have a husband at home who I delegate jobs to – he’s cleaning windows at this very moment). But that never works for me. So what I intend to do this morning is give myself a question and answer session. Why isn’t the story working? Do I know enough of the character’s history? Is the hero too nice? (This is so easy to do when you fall in love with him yourself too soon in the story) Do I have enough emotional conflict? Yes, yes, yes, is the answer to this last question. My problem lies in that this story runs along vaguely similar lines to my last one and I obviously don’t want to make it the same. It’s a marriage of convenience where the couple need to marry for the sake of the business.

So it’s head down today and hopefully I’ll sort myself out. I’ve had a busy week this week with not much writing done. I hate interruptions when I'm working on a book, so I really need to get back into the swing of it.

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