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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

What's in a name?

I’ve just finished an energising game of Wii Tennis with my DH. Did I say energising? I mean exhausting. Because, for the first time ever, I beat him!

We’d both eaten too many pancakes – yummy with sugar and lemon – and needed the exercise. But for me to win? Wow!

While I’m on a winning streak I’m going to start my new book tomorrow. I’m still debating on hero and heroine names. I’m toying with Dominic, Cristian, or Blake for my hero, and possibly Bella for my heroine. On the other hand it might be none of these. I’ve given them temporary names of Adam and Eve (yes, I know it’s corny) until they adopt names of their own. I've been adding to my character profiles over the last few days, but now I'm raring to go. I don't have a middle and an end to my story yet, but that's nothing new. I always write into the mist.