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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Isn’t it funny how names don’t suit characters? You choose them so carefully in the beginning but as you begin to write you realise that it is all wrong for them. My Robyn has now become Kate. For no other reason than because Blake called it her. I had chosen Robyn because I’d wanted a name that could be mistaken for a man’s name – but it’s not really important to the story, so Kate she is. (If you’re reading this Kate Walker, please let me know if you mind)

It’s happened to me before, this changing names thing. I was wondering whether it had happened to anyone else?

Now to the exciting part. The winners of my last contest. They are:

Carmella Hathaway
Jackie Wisherd
Elaine Seymour

Congratulations. I'll be sending a book from my back list to each of you.

Jackie & Elaine I have your address. Carmella, can you please email me yours.