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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Food, food, glorious food...

We went to the wedding on Sunday of the son of some very dear friends of ours. Why do I always cry at weddings? The bride looked absolutely radiant. Everything was perfect. The whole day, the food, the venue, the disco (maybe the disco was a bit loud but we stayed until the very end anyway).

We actually stayed the night at the hotel which was once some old farm buildings which have been splendidly converted into a hotel/restaurant. It's a rambling place with secret corners and a perfect place for weddings.

Yesterday we went straight from the venue to some friends for lunch who happened to live in the area. And last night we visited some other friends who we see on a fortnightly basis and usually go out with them for a meal. But we had a light buffet supper at their house instead. Thank goodness!

Today I had fresh fruit for breakfast!