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Monday, 4 October 2010

Good news

My latest book has now been accepted and is being published in May 2011 here in the UK under the title of A NIGHT WITH CONSEQUENCES.

The consequences were the night Kara spent with Blake - her boss. She had been working for him for nearly twelve months before he discovered that beneath the drab clothes she wore for work was actually a beautiful woman. It happened when she reluctantly accompanied him to Italy for the company's annual convention. I expect you can guess what the consequences were!

I am now supposedly taking a rest from writing to spend quality time with my long-suffering husband, but already my mind is busy working out a new plot. It's very sketchy yet but I keep adding. Very often I go to bed before my DH and then I'll sit up with a notebook and pencil and scribble down ideas. Often they get erased but there's always something that excites me, something that I can expand on.

This part of the process is the fun part. Creating new characters, giving them a history, leading them into the ups and downs of their new life together.