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Monday, 8 November 2010

Heroes and heroines

I didn't get as big a response as I would have liked for my hero/heroine names, so I'm afraid, Laney4, Lacey and LA that I won't be using any of your suggestions - though I have made a note of them and who knows, I might use them in the future. (L.A., thanks for finding me and I hope you continue to follow my blog - who knows you might win of my future contests)

My new H&H are currently Robynn and Kendel, though I have been known to change names mid-book. I think I mentioned it in a blog some time ago, I can find myself calling them something else without even being conscious of it - which means that as I got to know them better they developed their own names, ones they were comfortable with.

I haven't actually started writing yet, I'm still filling in more background details to my H&H. But I shall definitely start this week.