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Thursday, 11 November 2010


Don't you just love rainbows? It's been a showery, blustery day today and as my DH and I were travelling along a straight, main road there in front of us appeared a rainbow, almost as though it was straddling the road a little way ahead. And then - this is the best bit, another rainbow appeared - higher and wider. It was paler but it was well defined all the same.

Was this a reflection of the first rainbow? Or is there sometimes two and I've not noticed? I'd love to know if this is a rare phenomenon.

Which in turn leads me to book titles again - RAINBOW MAGIC. This was my fifth book - published in 1977 - and here is the blurb:

Taryn's great-aunt had always prophesied that if a member of their family saw a rainbow in a certain spot, there would be a drastic change in their lives from that day. Taryn never took her aunt seriously until she herself saw the rainbow - and met Luke Major for the first time. It was a nasty shock for her, for Luke was the exact double of Mark, the man who had only recently broken her heart.

Was it his likeness toMark, or was it for himself that Taryn found herself, albeit reluctantly, more and more attracted to Luke? And where would it get her since he was a married man?

And the price of this book - in hardback form? £1.95.