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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Terracotta Army

Fantastic, incredible, breathtaking – there are really no words to describe the terracotta army exhibition at The British Museum in London. To think that the first emperor – King of Qin – had around 7000 terracotta soldiers built to look after him in the afterlife – not only soldiers but horses and birds, chariots, musicians and civil officials, everything he had during his earthly lifetime was recreated.
The exhibition included other artefacts – elaborate bells, swords, knives, scoops – all manner of things. Particularly interesting was a tableaux
– probably no more than a foot high, showing how the army was made. Each figure was built from the feet up in separate parts, assembling as they went, until finally the head was put on – it was then transported on a trolley of sorts to its final destination.
The exhibition runs until April 6th next year, so if you’re ever in London do go to see it. Or even make a special journey – it’s well worth it.

The other reason I was in London was to attend an author luncheon and a champagne party thrown by Mills & Boon. I always love these luncheons – so many writers to talk to and compare experiences. The talking is non-stop. Writing is a lonely profession so meeting up with other writers like this is like the icing on the cake.

Now it’s back to normality. And a new book to think about. My editor’s promised to get back to me next week on the Australian one. So watch this space!

And don't forget the competition on my website. It only has one week left to run. Already I've had some very well thought out 'journeys' It's going to be a tough job judging.