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Thursday, 10 January 2008


I’m still here. The reason I haven’t posted in the last few days is that I’ve got my head down writing. But you probably guessed that. Another ten thousand words to go – roughly three chapters. It doesn’t sound much but the end is of necessity always harder than the beginning because there are always a lot of loose ends to tie up. Nevertheless it has a sort of satisfying feeling to it.
Tonight we’re out with friends for a meal in a nice waterfront restaurant, so I might even imagine that I’m with Penny and Santo. Perhaps I’ll choose an Italian dish to complete the scene.
Actually in one of my scenes Penny & Santo dined in a coastal restaurant that had a balcony jutting out over the cliffs. It was a fantastic place where they sat and watched the sunset over the Mediterranean. It was very conducive to romance. And how I wished I’d been there.