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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The End

It's a good day, I’ve finished the first draft of my book. Well in front of schedule. Such a liberating feeling. I’m going to leave it a few days now before I read through it. I worked slightly differently this time. Usually I go over each chapter as I’ve written it, perfecting it time and time again. On this occasion I’ve not read it through at all, just the last few paragraphs each morning to remind where I left off. The reason being that my deadline was looming and I didn’t have time. So I’m either going to find some glaring mistakes or it’s going to be the best book I’ve ever written!!! Actually I don’t know which of my books has sold the most – not off the top of my head anyway. I could look at my records but it’s all time consuming stuff and I have a desk to clear and bills to pay and a thousand and one other jobs that have been neglected. Does anyone else keep a record of which of their books sell better than others?