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Sunday, 27 January 2008


We’ve had such wet windy weather recently that it was a pleasure to wake up to blue skies and a gentle breeze this morning. It was tempting enough to go for a walk. We went to a favourite place for walkers which is a preserved wooded area criss-crossed with pathways and we have never seen the car park so full; I think everyone had the same idea.

Surprisingly, even with so many people there we were virtually alone the whole time. It was blissfully peaceful. All that could be heard was the birds in the tall pine trees, and the occasional drone of a light aircraft from a nearby private air field.

I recalled when I came to this same spot a couple of years ago with my art group. We sat painting for hours, had our lunch in the small picnic area provided and said we must do this again. But we never have. Perhaps one day…

Now I’m back home, I can smell my Sunday roast cooking, and I know it’s going to taste much better after my outdoor trekking. The forest was far more interesting than my treadmill! I meant to take my camera but I forgot. Next time I will and I’ll post some photos.