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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Holiday disaster

We had a lovely holiday in the Canary Islands with our grandson – perfect weather – perfect location – until two days before we were due to come home when our apartment was broken in to.

It’s not nice when you come back after a meal and a pleasant walk and discover that all your cupboards and drawers have been turned over. Our real valuables – like passports and money – were in a safe, but whoever broke in took a camera – with all our wonderful holidays snaps which we were going to put on DVD for our grandson to show his mum and dad – a mobile phone, a watch, sunglasses, and an e-reader (which always goes on holiday with us, it saves carrying so many books around)

It was a disappointing end to the holiday and has caused no end of a nuisance. Nevertheless it was an experience that might find its way into a book one day. Heroine’s place is broken in to, hero to the rescue, sort of thing.