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Thursday, 28 May 2009


I had just settled down to watch last night’s semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent when my DH said to me, ‘Come and look. Quick, come and look.’ He was pointing out of the French windows on to our back garden. My first thought was that he wanted me out of the chair so he could sit in it. It wouldn’t have been the first time he’s done that. But when I got up and looked there was a hedgehog wandering along our patio. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

A few years ago we bought a hedgehog from a hedgehog sanctuary but our garden is fenced in with no escape route so we had to leave the gate open leading to our side garden where he could get under the fence – and we never saw him again. So how had this hedgehog got into the garden?

It’s a mystery, unless he sneaked in some time when we had the gate open. But that’s only when we’re working in the area and surely we would have seen him. And aren’t hedgehogs nocturnal? Perhaps he was just an early riser? It was half past eight.

Eventually after many tours of the patio and the tubs of flowers he climbed on the wall that separates it from the lawn, walked along it, then explored the bed at the side of the lawn before disappearing into the shrubbery at the top.

We didn’t see him again. Why didn’t I take a photograph?