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Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Shock and horror this morning. My DH opened the curtains and looked through the window, gave a cry of distress, and was out of the house like a shot. Half naked! We have a pool in the garden - OK, maybe a pond - but it has at least a dozen fish in it. And for some reason the water had leaked out. He yelled out to me, 'The water's all gone and the fish are lying dead on the bottom.'

A slight exaggeration - but there was only a couple of inches of water left and the fish were gasping. Fortunately we only lost one and the rest are happily OK. Some are goldfish but some are koi and cost a lot of money.

DH thinks the leak is somewhere in the stream that feeds the pond. Actually the same water gets pumped round and round, so it might be in one of the hidden pipes. He's not yet had time to explore. But yes, it was a shock. We'd actually had a lie in, would you believe, so it brought us fully awake very quickly.