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Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Last night when I went out I wore a long sleeved sweater, a trouser suit, a raincoat over that, a thin scarf around my neck and gloves on my hands. Bearing in mind that it’s mid summer here in the UK, where was I? At an outdoor performance of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. At least it didn’t rain. But the wind was chilly and I needed my layers. Oh, I forgot to mention the blanket around my legs!

The performance, however, was superb. I’ve been going to see Shakespeare at this particular venue for many years now and they’ve all been good. But this performance outstripped them all. It was magnificent.

Before the performance we enjoyed strawberries and champagne, and during the interval delicate smoked salmon sandwiches with a liberal supply of white wine. My DH had coffee because he was driving! Actually it warmed him up better than the wine did me and our friends.

Back now to the more mundane jobs in life. The garden’s beginning to look like a garden again and my office is almost tidy. And I’m already incubating ideas for a new book!