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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Connection problems

I've had no network connection for the last day and a half. I spent half an hour on the phone with the techie guys yesterday at AOL checking my set up - I was eventually passed through to some other guy who told me that British Telecom were having trouble with their broadband line. BT had kindly let AOL know. They'd been working on it for fifteen hours and would get it up and running asap. The guy actually gave me the time in hours, minutes and seconds :-)

Last night we were having a meal with friends and on our way out of our village (we live right out in the countryside) we saw three or four BT vans parked on the roadside. So the problem was apparently there. A strange place, but still. Anyway, it was nearing midnight before we returned home, and the vans were still there, with two deep holes dug on the grass verges either side of the road, bright lights shining into them. So we stopped and asked - and the answer was that some mindless vandals had dug down, cut into the copper wire, and pulled a whole lot out to sell. Copper must have a high price. We were told it's happening all over the place.

My thoughts are, how do the culprits know where to dig? I guess eventually the copper wire will be replaced with fibre optics, but meantime, how often is this going to happen?

On a brighter note, I have the go ahead for my book. I wrote two pages yesterday, so at least it's a start.