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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fingers crossed

I cleaned the windows inside this morning before I began work. Then coincidentally the window cleaner came and did outside. And now I can hear my dustbin being cleaned (every six weeks this guy comes and cleans and perfumes it, following the bin men around. We have to pay, of course, but it’s worth it) So everything is sparkling today – except the weather. It’s been pretty grim the last week or so with torrential rain – especially in Cumbria – my heart goes out to the people who have had their homes flooded.

But in my writing world all is well. I shall be sending off four chapters to my editor later today – so I want you all to keep your fingers crossed for me. If you remember my last two books were both rejected at this stage. And it’s not good for my moral. At the moment I’m feeling fairly confident. In fact I love my new Greek hero. I also feel sorry for him because he’s had problems in his life. Hopefully they will be overcome when he falls in love with the beautiful Kara. Not that she doesn’t have her own problems.