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Monday, 18 January 2010

Withdrawal symptoms

I managed to go a whole day yesterday without turning my computer on. It was hard. I had withdrawal symptoms. Isn't it amazing how used to it you get? Even if it's not to read emails or blogs or the news, you just look stuff up all the time. I'm not into facebook or anything like that, it's something I'm totally resisting because I know that it would be something else to take up my precious writing time.

And talking about writing, I've finished my book!!! When I say finished I mean the first draft. I need to read through it now and tighten it up and make sure everything's as perfect as I can get it. I'm going to wait a few days before that though - well, one day at least - it's absolutely calling out to me to be read!

I've been polishing the house all morning and cleaning the bathroom and I have ironing to do, so at least it's something to keep my itchy fingers away from the keyboard. I am here now, I know, but my mind is made up. No book today. Not even a peep.

Happy reading everyone!