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Monday, 14 September 2009

Damson jam

Rafael says thanks to those who chose his new name. He likes Rafe. He's now waiting for his surname.

I've been making damson jam today, religiously stirring it every quarter of an hour or so. Until Rafael held my attention for far too long and it boiled over. Just minutes before a gas engineer was due to arrive for an annual service of our appliances! I managed to clean my cooker with seconds to spare.

He made me smile, though. He said that he was one of six children and when they were young they had to take it in turns to clean their mother's cooker. He hated it. But it stood him in good stead today because he (yes, the male) cleans their cooker now after every meal.

OK, so you're all going to shout at me and tell me that your husband cleans your cooker!