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Friday, 4 September 2009

It's a start

I've managed 1000 words today. Not a great deal but it's a start and I've finished the first chapter.

Sadly it's the weekend and I never work weekends - so all I can say is, roll on Monday.

I was annoyed yesterday. The gas service engineer was supposed to be coming for our annual check - any time between 12 and 6pm. I telephoned at six to complain and made a new appointment for a couple of weeks time. They tried to contact the engineer but for some reason he wasn't answering his phone. We left at 6.20 to take our grandson home and then visited friends, returning home finally at about 11.30. And guess what, there was a note from the engineer saying he had called at 7.00. 7pm! What sort of hours does this man keep? My question is, why couldn't he have phoned and said he was running late? Arrgh!