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Monday, 17 January 2011


Still waiting for news from my editor so the writing went very slowly last week. About 2000 words in the whole week! I usually do that in a day - when it's a good day, that is. And today I shan't do much as I have a chiropodist appointment this afternoon.

We were expecting delivery of a new fridge freezer on Saturday, waiting in the whole day, finally phoning to find out where it was, to be told the order had been cancelled!!! By whom? No one knew. And it certainly wasn't us. To add insult to injury they claimed to now have none in stock. We had ordered it by phone and paid by credit card - but had that been cancelled too? No! They promise to deliver when they have new stock next week - but no way. We have cancelled this time and ordered it from somewhere else. But I'm keeping a check to make sure they cancel the credit card payment.

Having got that off my chest I'm going to sit down with a strong cup of coffee and spend quality time with Robynne and Kendel. I know they won't do the dirty on me.