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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Working Wednesday

I finished chapter three yesterday - and now I need to work out the rest of the plot in more detail before I send these first chapters to my editor. I preferred it when I used to let the story develop as I went along - I don't like plotting - things always changed anyway.

Wednesday is usually my art morning - but I had a phone call last night to say that the heating has broken down in the hall where we go - so no painting today. Which means I can get on with my writing. After I've been out to post some letters, and after I've ironed the washing I did yesterday! I was late getting up as well - due to a late night staying up to watch a James Bond film. I'm not a particular fan of James Bond but my DH likes to watch them and I hadn't seen that particular one so I joined him.

Don't forget Friday is now Foto Friday - so I plan to upload one of my 'snow' photographs. I'm glad the snow's gone now and hope it does't come back. It's actually raining today and it's not very warm - except here in my nice cosy study.