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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

This and that

I missed wishing everyone a Happy Easter because my computer was playing up.  But I do hope you all enjoyed it and didn't eat too many easter eggs! 

I've been busy trying to sort out Rafe and Holly because they're not particularly behaving themselves.  And I've also painted a 'picture on a postcard' for a fun competition being held at our local pub for Prince William and Kate's wedding.  A garden party is planned with all sorts of events (as well as big screens for the occasion of course) and my art group is having a display of paintings.  The postcards won't have our names on and people are going to be asked to pair them up with the original artists.  It will be fun to see if anyone gets them all right.

At the beginning of May I'm going to be running a new contest to win copies of my latest book A NIGHT WITH CONSEQUENCES.  So do keep a look out for that.  I have four books to give away and I shall pose a different question each week during the month.