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Monday, 22 June 2009


I feel totally bereft now that my book has gone. I should have spent time today working on my accounts but I couldn't face them. So I worked in the garden instead. Weeding is very therapeutic and now that it's all neat and tidy it's a pleasure looking out at it from our lounge windows.

Our grandson visited - with his Mum and Dad, of course. Oliver is now 14 months old and is taking his first faltering steps. I think I may have to put him in one of my books. I have a four year old in the book I've just sent off and I wrote that he liked sausage sandwiches for breakfast - which is my eldest grandon's favourite. So it just goes to show that we do put little bits of real life in our books. If you can call eating a sausage sandwich real life!

The four year old I'm writing about also fell down and cut his head and I had help from Anne McAllister whose granddaughter had done the same thing. In fact it was Anne mentioning it on her blog that gave me the idea to put it into my story. So if you're reading this Anne, thanks again for all the info.

Does anyone else use snapshots of real life?