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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

James Bond

We had a drive into Wales over the weekend. The weather was glorious and we found a lovely little cove in Cardigan Bay with golden sand and a headland either side. There was no parking at the bottom and we had to walk down a steep hill to it. Going down was OK but coming back up!!!

Talking to a man on holiday he said that the last scene in the James Bond movie Die Another Day was shot there and as my DH is a James Bond fan and we have most of his movies on DVD we found it out and religiously watched it last night. We recognised the bay instantly. We waited the whole movie for it – and it was on for about six seconds!

Pierce Brosnan was James Bond. Apart from Sean Connery I think he was the best James Bond by far. Seriously sexy. Does anyone else share my opinion or do you have other favourites? Or perhaps you don’t like James Bond movies at all?