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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

It's finished!

The book has gone and is now awaiting my editor's comments. And I have a desk left to clear that at this moment's looking as though a tornado has hit it. There's such an empty feeling inside me as well. This was my baby and now it's left home. My DH is pleased because he will see more of me but I feel lost. There's lots to do though - and the biggest is my accounts. They sit staring at me and my accountant's letter asking for them is leering menacingly. This is one of the worst parts of a writer's life.

So let's change the subject. A friend of mine was saying last night that it is always book covers that attract her first. Not authors, not titles, but covers. Especially books set at the end of the nineteenth century where little boys wear short trousers and have socks wrinkled around their their ankles, and women wear long dresses.

Whenever I'm browsing bookshops - at the airport for instance - I look for titles. I do have my favourite authors but if I'm looking for something different it's a title first - something that grabs my attention. Then I'll read the back blurb, and then the first page. If they all come together I might buy the book. If not it goes back on the shelf.

What do you look for when you're browsing bookshelves?